Selection of consensus volcanic forcing input data for experiment volc-long-eq
Several climate modeling Centers performed a coordinated assessment of radiative forcing
uncertainties for volc-long-eq (Tambora-like experiment) using aerosol climate models. The
experimental protocol is available here.
Preliminary results showed large uncertainties in the derived estimate of volcanic forcing
parameters. We concluded that the existing uncertainties prevent the identification, within the
time constraints of the CMIP6 schedule, of a single consensus forcing estimate for a given
volcanic eruption based on a multi-model ensemble with current chemistry climate models.
Therefore, VolMIP proposes for the volc-long and volc-cluster experiments forcing data sets
constructed with the Easy Volcanic Aerosol (EVA) module (Toohey et al., 2016, here).

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Model Intercomparison Project on the climatic response to Volcanic forcing
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