VolMIP is a protocol-driven international project aiming at coordinating the activities of different Research Institutes involved in numerical climate modelling focused on a multi-model assessment of climate models' performance under strong volcanic forcing conditions.


VolMIP at IUGG 2015

Solicited oral contribution:"Towards a coordinated modeling assessment of the climate response to strong volcanic eruptions" in symposium: VS32 Weather and Climate Effects of Volcanic Eruptions (VS32/VS33)on 29 June 2015(room Club).

Definition of the volcanic forcing input for volc-long-eq

Myriam Khodri is leading a coordinated assessment of radiative forcing uncertainties for volc-long-eq (Tambora-like experiment) using aerosol climate models. More information is available here.


Oral contribution: "Effect of large volcanic eruptions on climate variability from inter-annual to decadal timescales: Towards a coordinated modeling assessment"

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Published on  26.10.2017