VolMIP is a protocol-driven international project aiming at coordinating the activities of different Research Institutes involved in numerical climate modelling focused on a multi-model assessment of climate models' performance under strong volcanic forcing conditions.


VolMIP related online session at EGU GA2020

Climatic, environmental and societal impacts of volcanic activity(ITS2.13/AS4.29) Co-organized as CL4/GMPV10, co-sponsored by CMIP6-VolMIP, VICS and SPARC-SSiRC. Convener:  Myriam Khodri | Co-conveners: Pasquale Sellitto, Graham Mann, Emily Mason, Giuseppe G. Salerno, Claudia Timmreck, Matthew Toohey, Davide Zanchettin.

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Published on  26.10.2017