VolMIP is a protocol-driven international project aiming at coordinating the activities of different Research Institutes involved in numerical climate modelling focused on a multi-model assessment of climate models' performance under strong volcanic forcing conditions.

Tier 2 experiments

Tier 1(core) Tier 2 Tier 3
Name Description Ensemble Size Years (per sim) Total years Gaps of knowledge being addressed with this experiment
volc-long-hlN Idealized Northern Hemisphere high-latitude eruption emitting 28.1 Tg of SO2. 9 20 180

Uncertainty in climate response to strong high-latitude volcanic eruptions (focus on coupled ocean-atmosphere).

Outstanding questions about the magnitude of the climatic impact of high-latitude eruption.
volc-cluster-ctrl Early 19th century cluster of strong tropical volcanic eruptions, including the 1809 event of unknown location, and the 1815 Tambora and 1835 Cosig├╝ina eruptions. 3 50 150

Uncertainty in the multi-decadal climate response to strong volcanic eruptions (focus on long-term climatic implications).

Contribution of volcanic forcing to the climate of the early 19th century, the coldest period in the past 500 years.

Discrepancies between simulated and reconstructed climates of the early 19th century.

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Published on  04.12.2017