VolMIP is a protocol-driven international project aiming at coordinating the activities of different Research Institutes involved in numerical climate modelling focused on a multi-model assessment of climate models' performance under strong volcanic forcing conditions.

Tier 3 experiments

Tier 1(core) Tier 2 Tier 3
Name Description Ensemble Size Years (per sim) Total years Gaps of knowledge being addressed with this experiment


As volc-pinatubo-full, but with a slab ocean. 25 3 75 Effects of volcanic eruptions on ENSO dynamics.
control-slab Slab ocean control run, necessary for volc-pinatubo-slab. 1 30 30  -


As volc-pinatubo-full, but as decadal prediction runs joint experiment with DCPP. Forcing input and implementation of the forcing fully comply with the VolMIP protocol. 10(5) 5 50

Influence of large volcanic eruptions in future climate.

Influence of large volcanic eruptions on seasonal and decadal climate predictability.


Parallel experiment to volc-cluster-ctrl, but with initial conditions taken from last millennium simulation to account for the effects of a more realistic history of past natural forcing. 3(1) 69 207 Contribution of volcanic forcing to the climate of the early 19th century, the coldest period in the past 500 years.
Discrepancies between simulated and reconstructed climates of the early 19th century.
Effect of history of volcanic forcing on the response to volcanic eruptions.


Parallel experiment to volc-cluster-ctrl, using restart files from the end of the historical simulation instead of from piControl, and boundary conditions from the 21st century SSP2-4.5 scenario experiment of ScenarioMIP. 3(1) 85 255 Contribution of volcanic forcing uncertainty to uncertainty in future climate projections.
Long-term climate response to volcanic eruptions under warm background climate conditions.


Idealized Southern Hemisphere high-latitude eruption emitting 28.1 Tg of SO2. 9 20 180 Uncertainty in climate response to strong high-latitude volcanic eruptions (focus on coupled ocean-atmosphere).
Outstanding questions about the magnitude of the climatic impact of high-latitude eruptions.

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Published on  04.12.2017